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Runic candle "Hagalaz"

Price: 840 ,0 руб.
Quantity in stock: 23

Deviz:doveryay to the inner self, it will help you to orient with a difficult situation and to make it safe for itself.

Plans of influence in magic:
• Physical plan - The slow and operated development of the situation when all or almost everything needs to be kept under control.
• Power plan - The good luck factor expressed as attraction of energy which can lack in this or that process. Svongo of a sort power insurance.
• Information plan - A delay, stagnation in the information plan. there are no new thoughts and ideas.
• Health: It is applied at treatment of an illness to an injury of bones, teeth and gums.

• Protection.
• It is used when good luck is necessary.
• Assistance to positive result in the fixed framework
• Strengthens intuition and helps spiritual development. Fleece of witches and magicians. 

Weight 125 gr
The size is 50 x 70 mm
Structure: beeswax, paraffin, herbs, oils
Packing box

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