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Pink quartz of a rune stone

Price: 2. 700 ,0 руб.
Quantity in stock: 7

Runes from Quartz are classical predictive runes. Quartz says only what is, without distorting and without supplementing questioning. These runes are effective both during the magic work, and in classical predictions.

Fleeces of Pink quartz add "intonation" of softness and tranquility, doing runic work as more comfortable. It is considered that Rozova's Runes quartz female, White Quartz man's.

The runes made of a stone are the most interesting both for predictive work, and for application in technicians of Runic magic. This property gives them the stone bringing the influence in process of runic work. Depending on a stone influence of runes is supplemented with its properties and characteristics.

Attention! Runes are made manually and the quantity of sets is limited - do orders to reserve for themselves a set of Runes.

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