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'The Candle of the Witch' candle - the program

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The candle program 'the Candle of the Witch' allows to clean from your life everything that disturbs you, diseases, problems and failures, losses, quarrels, everything that can be connected with damage, a malefice or a damnation.

You can use a candle, even without checking existence of the listed facts. It "will burn" a negative, irrespective of its nature and an origin, will clear rooms and will facilitate a condition of people.
Свеча эффективна и для «плановой» очистки помещения, в котором люди стали более angry, the atmosphere intense, and relationship began to spoil.
The candle can be used in a complex with other candles to send its cleaning properties to the necessary course.

Deprives of illusion, opens eyes on the events, clears, but for removal of magic influences, it is necessary to use a SERIES 'IDENTIFICATION of MAGIC INFLUENCES or ELIMINATION of MAGIC INFLUENCES 

The instruction is attached.
The size is 50 x 90 mm
Weight 180 gr
Structure: beeswax, paraffin, oils
Packing box

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