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Magical money candle - the program

Price: 690 ,0 руб.
Quantity in stock: 24

The candle - the program Magical money possesses the whole range of influences and can be used both for fund raising to the specific person, and to business or group of people. It gives to the person the chance to increase the income, to become richer and more successful.

Important factor of influence of the Candle - the program Magical money is an opportunity increase in the income in case there were monetary difficulties, fall of the income, are long. The influence the candle can send you to the necessary course where you can receive or earn money.

The candle - the program Magical money used with other candles such as the Candle the Goddess of destiny or Sil's Candle and protection can become a basis for a ceremony, the money connected about change of destiny in aspect or for elimination of enemies or obstacles whose actions are connected with money and the income. 

The instruction is attached.
The size is 50 x 90 mm
Weight 180 gr
Structure: beeswax, paraffin, oils
Packing box

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