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Pendulum Phoenix obsidian

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Pendulum on a chain with a small weight of a crystal of obsidian and two beads of Rock crystal, with a counterbalance in the form of a figure of the Phoenix.

Obsidian (volcanic glass) - one of the strongest stones keeping the person against negative external impact therefore it is often used as a charm, including children's. Also this stone helps the person to become taken more away, helps to concentrate forces, to the fine accuracy of thought. It also causes application it by production of desktop phones and accessories.

Obsidian is "stone savior". He does the person more circumspect, careful, preserves against waste of vital forces, does not allow the owner to make a bad act for which then it is necessary to pay, takes away from dirty love.
The bird the Phoenix is a symbol of eternal revival, updating, immortality and infinity of time. The legend of the Phoenix rising in a flame from own the ashes originates in Ancient Egypt and is connected with solar cults. Possibly, originally the Egyptian priests- sun admirers turning the prayers to heavenly fire as to a source of life and protection against darkness were her authors. Eventually the Phoenix became an emblem of revival of human spirit in eternal fight against difficulties of a material world.

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