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Pendulum pendent from Fluorite

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Original pendulum pendent on a chain with a fluorite crystal. It can be used as a pendulum, and as a personal amulet or ornament.

Fluorite - one of the most widely applied stones in practical magic. In the ancient time spheres from fluorite were used for a prediction and meditations. Amulets from this stone possess ability to protect from the voy owner from a surrounding negative. Also fluorite is recommended to be carried to people with the increased emotionality for finding of composure, psychological stability and harmony.

Fluorite is considered a mascot of creative people, scientists, the practicing mediums and magicians. It gives to creative people the raised creativity, at the same time counterbalancing their easily excitable mentality. In private life and the relations fluorite introduces harmony and steadiness.

In the power plan fluorite normalizes and levels work of all charkas. It is considered that it helps to open for the owner "the third eye", shows the invisible worlds, promotes spiritual growth. However fluorite does not immerse the owner in dreams and visions. On the contrary, it relieves of illusions and dangerous dreams rather, gives to reason clarity and ability to concentrate on the current tasks, develops analytical skills.

It has no expressed preference on zodiac signs therefore people of all astrological signs can fearlessly carry this stone.

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