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Pendulum Owl amethyst

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Original pendulum on a chain with a small weight of a crystal of amethyst and a counterbalance in the form of a figure of an owl.

The amethyst crystal put between eyebrows calms consciousness, promoting achievement of internal rest. In respect of power amethyst initiates disclosure of "the third eye", that is helps to plunge into the subconscious area of an omniscience easier. In the curative violet color amethyst extinguishes mental anguish and alarm, calms and clears thoughts, fills aura with positive energy and good intentions. In Indian "Ayurveda" it is told that amethyst helps to control emotions.

It is considered that amethyst allocates the person with an insight and helps to control evil thoughts. There is an opinion that the ring with amethyst brings success in sports meets. Jewelry with amethyst puts under a pillow to have good dreams.

The owl is a symbol of magic, insight and deep wisdom. Being a night being, she is capable to see and hear well even in full darkness. In mythology of many people she acts as the embodiment of wisdom, erudition, keenness, theomancy, moderation and melancholy.

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