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Pendulum - Amethyst's pendent

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The universal pendulum pendent on a chain with a suspension bracket of amethyst decorated with a wattled metal "small knot of love". It can be used at the same time as nasheyny ornament, as a personal mascot and as the tool for magic work with a pendulum.

The Algerian small knot of Love - ornament, a symbol of continuity of communication of two lovers by long parting. For Arabs the bound ring was the integral attribute of romantic courting - to present such ornament was equivalent to recognition in the feelings. More significance was attached to the fact that rings have no beginning or the end so the symbol found a new side - not just love, and endless love.

Amethyst - a stone which helps to develop internal abilities of the person, to open doors to the highest spheres, to comprehend universal wisdom. At many people amethyst is a symbol of peacefulness, frankness, sincerity and virtue. The owner of this stone can be confident in fidelity of the elect (or darlings) and in sincerity of his feelings.

Energetically amethyst first of all promotes finding of balance and internal harmony with itself. This fine mental anguish "medicine", fears, the unfortunate love, uncertainty in itself - for these purposes should carry it at the level of a solar plexus in a pendent or a suspension bracket. Believe that if to present amethyst to darling, then the stone will cause in it reciprocal feeling to you, and in the family relations amethyst provides the world, a consent and fidelity.

Bearing amethyst in certain lunar days - 3, 7 and 11 help correction of speech defects and establishment of contacts with people which are necessary for you, establishing communications.

Crystal size: about 4 cm

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