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Lapis lazuli pendulum

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Pendulum - a subtle tool that helps in communicating with our subconscious. Pendulum - a prompter, counselor and conductor between our world and the world of energy. The better the conductor, the correct and accurate response. Look at the description of the pendulum and select the one that you like best.

Lazurite (lapis lazuli) - the beautiful stone of blue color including all shades from blue to dark-violet. It is applied to clarification of aura from stratifications of the past, elimination of old offenses. This stone helps with knowledge of truth, reveals secrets, promotes mutual understanding. The pendulum with use of "a sincerity stone" gives exact and truthful predictions.

Lazurite - a stone of the Capricorn, Aquarius and Scales

Diameter: about 2 cm
Stone: Agate
Chain length: 17 cm

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