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Black obsidian pendulum

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Pendulum - a subtle tool that helps in communicating with our subconscious. Pendulum - a prompter, counselor and conductor between our world and the world of energy. The better the conductor, the correct and accurate response. Look at the description of the pendulum and select the one that you like best.

Pendulum Black Obsidian excellent job in identifying weaknesses, irregularities and distortions in the person and the situation. The pendulum will suit both those who are just starting to work, and a specialist with a lot of practice.

Black obsidian - the stone having high magic potential and which is actively used in magic for strengthening of results of work. It is capable to accumulate and strengthen power of the owner. In a prediction black obsidian is long since used for a future prediction, and in sorcery for communication with the dead. It can be useful to clarification of the house, during meditations for achievement of bigger concentration, and also to decrease in aggression and internal tension.

Diameter: about 2 cm
Stone: Agate
Chain length: 17 cm

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