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Needles for a candle with a black tourmaline (sherly)

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The needle for a candle decorated with the raw crystals black tourist's raspberry (sherla). It is applied in rituals of candle magic.

Black Turmalin (sherl) - a stone of witches and magicians, it possesses very strong protective properties. The field which creates around itself sherl reflects all adverse effects, without absorbing all negative energy, and reflecting it. He helps to see what is beyond our reality, to push away excess communications and unnecessary power.

It is no secret that in rituals of candle magic of the master for the greatest concentration and accuracy of a task on magic candles write conceived. Though it is possible to write with any rather sharp object, more convenient and most effective to use specially developed ritual needles decorated by natural stones. And in this case stones become not only graceful decoration of an accessory, but the additional magic artifact capable to strengthen and direct the created influence.

For the greatest concentration and accuracy of a task on magic candles write conceived. Different Magicians use various options of writing, but the equipment of the letter on a candle has the greatest distribution. Clockwise- if ritual creative and Counterclockwise- if ritual destructive.

The presented needles were also developed for strengthening of the ritual. You can use one as universal or according to a problem of ritual to have a little. In all needles Hematite- a stone of magicians, a stone capable to accumulate energy which subsequently the magician applies in the direction necessary to it to personal benefit is used. Besides hematite saves from astral attacks, so written by a needle with this stone, will be under protection. And it is very important that hematite helps to materialize to desires, so the candle will receive additional force.

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