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Love magic candle

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Quantity in stock: 10

The candle Love magic can be used at any stage of human life and the relations connected with love, attachments, reciprocity. By means of this candle it is possible to check the or foreign feelings. The candle can strengthen and strengthen the existing relations. Work from candles Love magic can give an impulse to the stagnant or not created yet relations.

Energy of a candle it is very closely connected with emotions of the person - pass these emotions through light of a candle and you will see new shades, new qualities of the relations.

Sil Svechi the Love magic can help even with emptiness, when there is no the partner, there is no the one who would reciprocate on your aspirations. The candle can attract new acquaintance, create base for the new relations, draw attention to your person.

The instruction is attached.
The size is 50 x 165 mm
Weight 255 gr
Packing box

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