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Cherry candle

Price: 630 ,0 руб.
Quantity in stock: 10

The aromatic candle Cherry is one of the few aromatic candles whose bright and at the same time delicate aroma completely coincides with its opportunities.

The aromatic candle Cherry has the toning effect on all nervous system, helps at stresses, strong intellectual and physical activities. Aroma of a candle does your perception brighter and thin, helping to concentrate and solve the most complex problems.

Influence of an aromatic candle Cherry is necessary on temper to those who suffer from age or physiological violations of a brain or nervous system. It well influences memory, helping patients with a senile or age sclerosis. Facilitates a condition of those who endured a stroke. 

The instruction is attached.
The size is 50 x 165 mm
Weight 255 gr
Packing box

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