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Cedar candle

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The candle the Cedar is used as an auxiliary component at treatment catarrhal diseases, pneumonias and a throat, as the means stimulating blood formation and a krovoobrazovaniye.

The candle the Cedar makes active a metabolism, immunity of the person on fight against an illness pushes, helps to kill pain and alleviates physical suffering.

The candle the Cedar clears power of the house and the people living in it of various negative influences. Energy of a candle eliminates a malefice and deformations of the field, facilitates a condition of the person at stronger magic influences, giving it strength and time to understand what is necessary and what can be made.

As the Cedar stimulates mental and power activity, it is recommended to be applied with care in bedrooms. On the one hand it is capable to raise a sexual inclination and sexual activity, but with another to bring sleeplessness and overexcitation.

The instruction is attached.
The size is 50 x 165 mm
Weight 255 gr
Packing box

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