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African violet candle

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Quantity in stock: 10

The African violet weakens aroma of a candle, calms, strengthens sincere forces, installs optimism and awakens internal forces of the person to itself to recovery. The candle possesses antistress action and it is recommended to be applied at night to restore a stock of forces and to receive energy for new day.

Other, not less important feature of the Candle the African violet is its soft, but at the same time active influence on relationship between people. The candle lit indoors reduces irritability of people, reduces aggression, helps to smooth contradictions and promotes reconciliation of people.

The candle is effective also in the ceremonies of Love magic directed to reconciliation after the conflicts and quarrels, mitigation of jealousy and suspiciousness for disclosure of the sensual world of the person.

The instruction is attached.
The size is 50 x 165 mm
Weight 255 gr
Packing box

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