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Talismans & Amulets

Magic amulets since ancient times are important part of any magical the practician. They were used as priests and governors in the ceremonies, and by ordinary people in everyday life. To understand their special mission, it is necessary to ask a question what is an amulet or what is a talisman and what their role in magic.

The amulet is the any subject possessing the special energy and the program directed to a specific objective. It can be protection charm для человека, его дома или близких людей или amulet of power and strength. And also attraction of good luck, money, success in affairs, love, strengthening of health and many other things.

Magical talisman can have the form of ornament, a souvenir, a small stone or the image. It can be carried with itself, to keep in the house, on a workplace at office or the car. It depends on character of an amulet and the purpose of its influence. Very often amulet jewelry are applied as individual mascots for creation are sewn up the owner from the evil, attraction of good luck, sympathies of other people or money. Big advantage of amulets jewelry is that they do not draw foreign attention as occult objects and therefore do not cause disputes or suspicions. For example, beautiful talisman necklace looks as usual ornament, but gives to the hostess an additional charm or works as lucky talisman.

In Wise Owl shop the wide choice of various mascots and amulets intended for different tasks is presented. Here is protection amulets and charms individually for the person and for the room, love amulet and talisman, а также lucky charms for money. In total talisman symbols make a deep meaning and belong to a certain magic tradition.

Therefore each visitor can choose those amulets which are closer than him to a spiritual way. For example, the adherent Vikki can prefer wiccan symbols for protection, and the follower of the European

Ceremonial magic to buy money talisman with traditional symbols of the Cabbala and letters of the ancient Jewish alphabet.

All presented here amulets for sale possess high workmanship and precisely follow the corresponding occult traditions.