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Magic Seals

The magic seals are used in magic since the most ancient times and are of great importance in magic work. The mention of them can be met in even Bibles, and also in numerous Grimuarakh and magical books. The well-known seals of the tsar Solomon by means of which he called and subordinated demons are still widely applied today.

Seal magic – it is the graphic symbol serving as the concentrated expression of will of the magician. It can be imposed regarding or on the person for the purpose of protection or attack. But in most cases in modern practicians the magic press is applied as a way to put the material finishing end to ritual.

In this quality the metal seals-sigily presented in one of sections can be used. They also require color sealing wax or wax by means of which the print on a sheet of paper with a spell or on a subject which you want to protect is put. You can choose the suitable press-sigilu for a certain influence or buy seal magic, which will be universal and can be applied in different rituals.

In magic work the magic seals represented on paper can be very effective. Such graphic seals as "Rolls of 7 Archangels", "Rolls of geniuses of the Cabbala" or "Enoch's Press" can not only decorate your Book of Shadows, but also to become the important magic tool in rituals of ceremonial magic. You can buy magical seals for the practician of meditation and spiritual concentration or for a spell of otherworldly spirits and entities, and also as an occult security measure for objects especially expensive to you.