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Table pendulum Love , Emotion and Love magic man

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Table love magic has 4 section 2 for each case of a loving relationship. One part will show the presence or magical effects , as well motivated - why this magical influence "village" on the person and what the consequences are . And the second part is necessary in order to understand what is happening in people's attitudes . Often, problems in relationships are human , domestic character. But sometimes different.

Work with the table being in a certain way you - you're driving a pendulum , keeping in mind or looking at photos of a person. In those places where the pendulum oscillates , there is one or the other characteristics in a person. Next, you add up the data and draw conclusions.

Let's look at each sector of the table .

Cloth. The highest quality. Resistant to dirt. Easy to wash in the machine. 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Size 40x40 cm. 16x16 inches.

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