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Magic Candles

Magic candles – it is the most necessary and universal tool of any magic event. They are lit on an altar for the address to gods and the highest forces, for meditation and spiritual work, for a prayer and communication with gods, spell candles are used during magic rituals for creation of paternosters and astral influences.

You can find candles for the most different rituals in this section and occult the practician. Here is spiritual altar candles different flowers, meditation candles, викканские свечи, Zodiac Candles, aromatic grass candles which help to create the correct mental spirit and the pleasant atmosphere indoors, ritual candles, and also special sets of candles for carrying out professional ceremonies.

Live fire of a magic candle gives not only light, but also feeds ritual with necessary astral energy, does it more powerful and purposeful. Besides, the flickering flame helps the operator to achieve bigger concentration of mind, focuses his consciousness on the carried-out action that does a ceremony to more effective. The quantity of the used candles also influences force and efficiency of ritual. The more candles, the more its energy.

Color of a candle has special value in magic of candles. In our shop there are altar candles of 13 flowers, you can choose those from them which most of all correspond to your plans. Also you can find the candles intended for the solution of separate certain tasks in this section: candles programs, candles mascots, candles "the Russian Witch". You can use them when in your life there is something that you wish to change. For this purpose attentively read descriptions of candles and choose that best of all you are suited at the moment.

Rules of use of candles are stated in instructions which are attached to them. For the best effect it is also important to take into account phases of the Moon and days of week.

All candles presented in the section are created manually therefore their color and finishing can vary a little, but it is part of magic too.