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Sanctuary for an incense "Restoration of vital forces"

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Symbol: Life flower.
• Gives "breath of life" and belief in own forces.
• Awakens internal energy to action.
• Creates a positive microclimate indoors.
• Transforms electromagnetic energy to a form, safe for the person. Cures a body and soul.

These are fundamentals of sacral geometry, the scheme of Creation. It is drawing of creation and it generates absolutely harmonious field. It is constructed as everything is constructed in the Universe. Its most ancient famous image (4500 years) can be seen on Osirion's columns in Abydos on average Egypt. The ancient sign comprises all laws of the universe and all formulas of the world. Makes active vital energy, gives the highest knowledge of life, helps to reveal itself and the opportunities. The geometry of the Flower constructed on the basis of the Golden ratio comprises an image of Toryashchy Love which it also grants you.

Corresponding aromas: Tulas, Coriander, Geranium, Ginger, Pine, Violet, Lavender, Thyme, Mint, Laurels, Roza, Ylang-ylang, Sandal-wood tree, lemon, Incense, Nectar/nectar, "All Seasons / All seasons"

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