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Dream catcher "Healthy Sleep"

Price: 180 ,0 руб.
Quantity in stock: 10

The mascot effectively eliminates sleeplessness, helps to observe the correct day regimen and it is better to feel, develops intuitive understanding when it is more reasonable to have a rest and when it is worth working for achievement of the purposes. Provides a sound and healthy sleep. Preserves against negatively painted images, promoting ideal work of all systems of an organism, its power centers, necessary inflow of a prana. It is especially favorable for the people watching over own health. This Dream catcher accelerates a metabolism, promotes rejuvenation, positively influences functioning of adrenal glands and a spleen.

For the best effect report to a mascot about the problem, for example having bound a note with a health wish to sick body or an organism in general. Place the photo in the center of the hunter, it will serve as the strongest charm in different spheres of life.

Sizes: 14 x 10 cm
Weight: 50 g

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