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Dream catcher "Antistress"

Price: 180 ,0 руб.
Quantity in stock: 10

Before you Lovets-pomoshchnik, Hunter-healer. This mascot well influences work of processes of a digestive tract, brings rest and the world to heart and reason, contributes to normalization of arterial pressure, removal of hypererethism and achievement of absolute self-control in all affairs of day. Creates strong positive power streams in an organism, levels mentality.

If you are tormented by any situation, a problem or a question, mentally give it to the center of the hunter, and quietly fall asleep. The mascot will accelerate work of your subconsciousness, and in the next few days you receive the answer in the obvious or latent form in a dream or conversation with people around.

Anyway such internal concentration will allow to analyse better any task, to intensify mental processes for the achievement conceived.

Sizes: 14 x 10 cm
Weight: 50 g

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