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"Vishudkh - knowledge" chakrovy candle

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Throat chakra - the center of communication. The candle will help you to meet new and remarkable people, uchastvoavt in events which will give you food for spiritual growth.

Activity Vishudkh's charkas is closely connected with career of the person, its career and creative development, social development. Not accidentally Vishudkh's candle is used as key candle in the ceremonies connected with career, work, strengthening or change of the social status of the person.

Instructions on effects of power nedostatochnochta:
• discomfort in front part of neck, emotional instability, offenses, condemnation, misunderstanding, rancor, malignant gossip
• absence of logic, ability to think, analyze and draw the correct conclusions

- Physical diseases: quinsy, tracheitis, tonsillitis, otitis, holodoboyazn, hearing problems.
- Mental diseases: fears, phobias, terror, lie, shyness, emotional closeness, rigidity, bans and taboo.

Weight 90 gr
The size is 4 x 8 cm
Packaging box

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