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"Manipur - the power" chakrovy candle

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This chakra gives strength lives or personal authority, protecting you from negative influences and influences, bringing harmony in your life.

And still energy of this charkas is closely connected with the energy of money and material benefits which are present at human life.

Energy of this charkas influences ability of the person proyalyat will, to try to obtain successful career development, to exert impact on people, to organize, manage. Causes abilities to self-checking, management of emotions, to achievement of the necessary results, forming of self-confidence.

Money - their receipt and expenditure - is controlled by energy of manipura.

Instructions on effects of power insufficiency:
• discomfort in the field of solar texture, feeling of alarm, lack of self-checking, laziness, weak will.
• the conflicts at work, irresponsibility, inability to dispose of time
• weakness and uncertainty

- Physical diseases: ulcers, diabetes, hypoglycemia, weak sight, digestive tract diseases.
- Mental diseases: Arrogance, egoism, snobbery. 

Weight 90 gr
The size is 4 x 8 cm
Packaging box

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