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Cabalistic amulet "7 Blessings of love and spirituality"

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7 cards which are a part of an amulet contain the following magic combinations of letters of Hebrew:

Ayin.Shin.Lamed - create the world, tranquility and love;

Shin.Alef.He - help to find true love, to create the ideal union, to strengthen the existing marriage, to find harmony in the relations with the couple;

He.He.Ayin - helps to awaken original love in your relations, brings joy, promotes happy marriage and friendship, softens bitterness of losses, removes offenses and hatred;

Mem.Chet.Yod - this combination will help you to find self-esteem, to achieve sympathy from people around and to neutralize negative attitude. Promotes development of sense of humour, responsibility for the acts and ekstraversiya;

Mem.Lamed.He - promotes wisdom finding, improves an exchange of knowledge, helps to overcome sincere darkness and to learn spiritual secrets;

Vav.He.Vav - this combination of letters attracts pleasure, happiness, optimism and gratitude in life of the owner
Kaf.Lamed.Yod - for fertility, incubation, creativity and spiritual realization.

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