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Business Brownie "Dobrodel"

Price: 150 ,0 руб.
Quantity in stock: 10

Business Brownie "Dobrodel" - work in pleasure. A symbol - Semitsvetik.
The brownie - the kind spirit assistant keeping order and purity in the house and preserving the dwelling against enemies and powers of darkness. Having lodged in office, he will help you to create the best atmosphere for successful business management and prosperity in work and business. It is important to remember:

The brownie - not servants; he is a keeper of the room and will help you only if receives reciprocal respect. Also it will not suffer deception, theft and violence in the space entrusted to it.

The charm of "Dobrodel" will help with alignment of power of the room. The space harmony at office supported cheerful gives multiple effect: inflow of forces is felt, labor productivity increases, work begins to be argued, bringing to employees joy and satisfaction, financial affairs gradually return to normal.

It makes sense to place a charm in the center of office to extend its action to all surrounding space. Also do not forget to thank the Brownie for the done work!

Material: beech
Size: 9,5 x 5,5 cm
Weight 12 gr

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