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Arkhangelsk candle: Anael

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Arkhangelsk candles - candles, attracting aid Archangels Force - Force patron saint. They are made to address the critical and complex tasks that can stand in front of people. A candle 3 levels of influence - you can see a description of these influences and choose which of the energy you need.

Working with the Arkhangelsk candles begins with communal prayer before lighting the candles and the launch of its influence after the lighting.

Energy efficient with candles collective psychosis, feelings, stress, mental fatigue. Helps a person or group of people to recover, collect my thoughts, enter the desired track. Used to form the intellectual breakthroughs, for ideological and creative stimulation.

- intuition
- curiosity
- ideological
- Improving intelligence

If you are interested in one or more of these aspects - use a candle.

In Enoheansoky called magic candle Candles breakthrough and is used if you come or you have brought to a standstill, herded into a trap, and there is a need to get out of it. Candle helps or find a way, or gives a clue how to get out of this situation.

Height is 16 cm
Weight 300 gr
Structure: beeswax, paraffin, herbs, oils
The instruction is attached
Packing box

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