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Altar Cloths

Altar clothes – important part of furniture of any magic altar. First of all, they carry out protective and decorative function for an altar. Beautiful altar covers decorate an altar and the room in which it is. They create the special magic atmosphere and, thanks to the special magic symbols applied on their surface can point to character of an altar and the ceremonies which are carried out on it.

Altar cloth colors also have special value. In most cases for dressing of magic altars use such traditional colors as black or white. For holidays and some special events often choose red or purple altar cloth, as these colors symbolize fire, a celebration, vital energy, health, force, passion, magic and the highest wisdom.

The special altar cloths created for certain types of magic work can be used as independent mobile altars. It does them very convenient in a case when ritual outdoors is spent in nature. In this case it is enough to take with itself the corresponding altar cloth and to throw it over any plain surface - the big stone, a stub of a tree or a temporary altar created for one ceremony.

You will find the beautiful altar covers created for different occult traditions in our shop. In particular, there is a wide choice

Wiccan altar cloths, devoted to change of seasons and natural cycles. Followers of natural cults can also choose fine celtic alter cloth to buy. For asatru altar and any work with runes the cloth decorated with runes and symbols of Northern tradition best of all will approach. Colourful tarot cloths are intended for work with tarot cards and prediction ceremonies. Big range altar cloths fabric for sale allows to choose the cover suitable in the best way for each type of magic work.